Some Fun Socks for your Favorite Little Girl



This is one of the most enjoyable little gift ideas! The options of socks and ribbons are almost endless. For a little girl special socks are always a hit. As you can see the ribbon I used for this set was a grosgrain style from my scrapbooking stash. I bought a set of six pairs of socks at WalMart. Total cost about $12 for six pairs. (A little guess, because the ribbons were part of stash of ribbons, buttons and eyelets that I bought). Only trick to sew these is be sure to stretch the top of the sock as you sew. This makes it ruffle so prettily. I used a little zig-zag stitch. When I had completed the sewing and arrived back to the starting point I made sure to connect the two ends with stitching.  Lovely little idea if you make crafts or gifts for craft shows or bizarre sales.


About JoAnne Freeman

My name is JoAnne Freeman. I am married to my best friend, almost 35 years already! We have three wonderful children and two beautiful grand daughters. I am been sewing since I was five years old, in fact my earliest memory is sitting in my Mom's lap with her hands carefully placed over mine as we sewed a scrap quilt. Sometimes when I am sewing I am struck by how much my hands look like hers. Deja Vu moments. I have been scrapbooking and card making for about 12 years, seriously addicted for about 5 years. I discovered Copic markers about a year ago and have to add this to my other addictions (fabric, digital stamps, ribbon, card stock and scrapbook paper, machine embroidery designs to list a few). I have completed my Copic certification and hope to complete the Intermediate certification in 2012. My excitement with this new blog stems from my delight and enjoyment that I have in following so many of the talented artists that blog out there! I learn everyday, shamelessly watch tutorials and LOVE the outlet that these crafts provide for showcasing the talent out there.

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